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What is foster care?

Fostering is when a child or young person in care comes to live with you.

You look after them and provide a safe and caring home to meet their needs. Alongside the support of a social worker and other professionals, you will enable them the thrive and create a brighter future.

Watch the video on the left to learn the answers to some common fostering questions. Or check out our  short guide to fostering with a charity such as St Christopher’s.

Types of foster care

Long-term: Providing a home until a child is ready to move to independence typically at 18

Young people can remain with your family for years, sometimes their whole childhood. Stable relationships are really important for children, so we will support you and the child in your care to make sure everyone in your family is happy.

Short-term: Providing a short term home whilst plans or decisions are being made for a child.

This can be a viable option for young people waiting to be adopted or who have come into care on an emergency basis.

Respite: Providing a home for a short break for a child in care

Parent & Child: Providing a home for a young family typically for a limited period of 3-6 months

Sometimes a new parent may need extra support to look after their baby, so they move in with a foster carer for a set period of time.

Specialist: Long term support for young people with specific health or wellbeing needs

FAQs about fostering with the St Christopher’s


Can I transfer from my fostering agency to St Christopher's?

Absolutely, we accept transfer applications from existing foster carers. Get in touch with us to find out how the process works.


Is there an age limit for carers to foster?

No, but you must be over 21.


I am not married can I apply?

You do not need to be in a relationship and can be a lone carer.


Is the charity religious or affiliated to a religious organisation?



Can I foster as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Absolutely. We welcome all individuals keen to make a difference for children in need.


I already have children, is that ok?

We carefully match all fostering families and many have their own children already.


Can I foster if already working?

There are different ways to flexibly foster, which may fit into your current lifestyle.


I am disabled, can I foster?

Yes. We welcome all applicants. As part of the assessments all carers undertake to prepare for fostering, you will complete a full medical to confirm they are physically able to care for children without risking their health. We will also build in extra support as needed.


I don’t have children can I apply?

Yes. Our training and support will help you on your fostering journey.


I rent my home, can I foster?

Yes. As long as you have a spare room and references.


Still have questions?

Check out our additional FAQs

Who can foster?

Foster carers need to be empathetic, compassionate and patient. As every child is different with their own individual needs, we welcome prospective foster carers of all sexualities, marital statuses, religions and life experiences so that we can find the perfect match for every young person.

You will need to:

  • Live in the West Midlands or our Eastern Region which covers Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Bedfordshire
  • Have one or more spare bedrooms
  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Have capacity to travel (e.g. a driving licence or willingness to use public transport)
  • Some experience with children and young people, either through raising your own family or through your job


What’s it like to be a foster parent?

Foster carers do all the things that good parents do – help children with homework, support them if they are upset, and show them what life can be like in a happy family. They give young people the opportunity to enjoy their childhood in a safe, caring home.

As they grow older, carers will teach a young person the skills they’ll need for living independently. Whether it’s cooking, paying bills or generally looking after themselves, foster carers are there even for the small things.

Watch the video on the left to hear from Keith, a St Christopher’s carer, about his experiences of fostering.

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If you’d rather call us yourself then please ring 01215253738 (West Midlands) or 01245 392102 / 01438 572257 (for East and South East).

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