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Foster carer stories
Meet our Fostering Support Workers
When you become a foster carer with St Christopher’s, you receive a dedicated social ...
Foster carer stories
“Fostering is the best job satisfaction you can get”
Many people believe that you need to be part of a couple in order to ...
Foster carer stories
“I’ve been lucky” – how Staying Put makes a difference
Young people living with foster families in England often move out to live independently when ...
Foster carer stories
Fostering teams nominated for award
​St Christopher's fostering teams were nominated for a prize at the Mind Of My Own ...
Foster carer stories
Celebrating all things foster care this May
Foster Care Fortnight takes places from 10-23 May 2021. The theme this year is #WhyWeCare, encouraging ...
Foster carer stories
“Your life won’t be the same – it’s worth it”
There are lots of myths around who can be a foster carer. Many people rule ...