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Foster carer stories
Best fostering memory? “The day our foster son said he loved us”
There are many misconceptions around who can foster – what age you have to be, whether ...
Foster carer stories
Introducing the Sons and Daughters of foster carers
Every October the fostering world celebrates Sons and Daughters Month, a chance to highlight the ...
Foster carer stories
Everything you need to know about Fostering Panel
It takes six months to become a foster carer, with the last stage in the ...
Foster carer stories
“You get a lot of rewards from helping a child to blossom”
At St Christopher’s we encourage people from all backgrounds and life experiences to foster ...
Foster carer stories
“It was the first time I felt like I stood a chance”
Only 6% of care leavers go to university – so what can we do to make sure ...
Foster carer stories
“All we want is positive outcomes for everyone”
When you foster with St Christopher’s, there is a whole team helping you care ...