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Could buy books and travel cards for a young person to work towards their future by helping with their college costs
Can provide a welcome pack for a young person staying at one of our homes to show them that someone thinks they are special
Could provide a parcel of books and games to be delivered once a month to children living in foster care
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The young people we support have dreams and goals for the future. We work to motivate, encourage and support the young people with basic skills to improve their confidence and inspire them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Many return to education or training and find a job.

Unlike other young people, many of the children we work with have no parents or guardians to support them and sometimes, small costs can be huge stumbling blocks for them to achieve their ambitions – things like learning how to swim, participating in sports or visiting a college open day.

'I have tried loads of stuff I would never have if I didn't live here, like activities and things. I think it is good that they do them with you so that you really can achieve.'
Matt, young person

St Christopher’s Diamond Fund is a dedicated pot of money made up of donations from supporters which young people in any of our services can apply to at key stages of their lives.

The Diamond Fund is not just about education and basic skills, but also gives young people the opportunity to experience things that their peers take for granted, such as day trips to museums, cinemas, theme parks and so much more.

Donate today to make your own contribution to our Diamond Fund and give a young person the support they need to fulfil their dreams.

Without St Christopher’s funding I would not have been able to set up my new business