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Fostering teams nominated for award

St Christopher’s fostering teams were nominated for a prize at the Mind Of My Own VoxCon 2021 awards on Friday 21 May.

Mind Of My Own is an app that allows young people to communicate with social workers and other professionals. They can give feedback on the service and support they have received, and advocate that their rights are respected.

Our fostering teams were nominated for the ‘Greatest Usage’ category because of their work encouraging more young people to use the Mind Of My Own app to share their views and experiences. Within this category, St Christopher’s was the only fostering agency to be nominated.

Despite not winning, the nomination still recognised the emphasis our teams place on listening to young people and acting on what they say, in alignment with our child-centred approach to participation.

Winners were announced at an online awards ceremony that celebrated the creative ways nominees have supported children and young people to give their feedback.

At last year’s awards, St Christopher’s won the category for ‘Most Creative Mind Of My Own Comms’ for a video designed by young people. In the video, young people explained how the app helped them to be heard by professionals.

Congratulations to St Christopher’s fostering teams! You can learn more here about what it’s like to foster.