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Young people win award for video

A video promoting the use of the Mind Of My Own app, designed by young people at St Christopher’s, won an award at the app’s annual VoxCon event on Wednesday 20 May.

The award category was “Most Creative Mind Of My Own Comms”, which St Christopher’s won for our video featuring young people’s experiences of using the app to communicate with professionals.

Mind Of My Own is an app that allows young people to communicate with social workers and other professionals. They can give feedback on the service and support they have received, and advocate that their rights are respected.

Our specialist participation team worked with a group of young people who had experience of using Mind Of My Own. They created storyboards and photography, before editing it together into one video.

The video was first shown at St Christopher’s first ever fostering conference in September 2019, to show our foster carers the difference that Mind Of My Own can make to the lives of the young people they look after. Both of our fostering services had recently started using the app so it was a great way to promote what it can do and encourage them to support their young people to use it.

Congratulations to the young people for creating such an impactful video! You can watch the film below.