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Supporting young people’s resilience at Christmas

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and the stresses caused by coronavirus and lockdown have impacted all of us.

This impact has been felt by the children and young people we provide care for at St Christopher’s. Being in care, on the edge of care or leaving care can be a challenging experience for young people as they miss out on having the family structure that many other young people rely on for support. This can have a particular impact in stressful times such as these when we all need to rely on the support of those closest to us to get us through.

In times like these, the care we provide young people is so important as we are the homes and families that they draw on for support. We provide a caring and supportive environment in which young people can grow and fulfil their potential. To ensure this, we listen to our young people and let them guide the support we provide. This is so important in helping young people feel in control of what’s going on around them and their futures.

The young people we care for are resilient and look forward to the future. We want to ensure young people can thrive while with us and once they go on to live independently, and to do this, we have made sure to continue delivering all our services over the course of the last year. We aim to continue delivering services in the coming year to help our young people grow and fulfil their ambitions.

To do this, we need the help of generous members of the public to enable us to keep delivering this care and support to young people now and in the year ahead. Your donation will help our young people adapt to the changing circumstances they face and build the resilience to grow and thrive in care and once they begin to live independently.

Make a donation to our Christmas Appeal today.