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“I wanted to be able to test myself”

Welcome to our series about colleagues who have been climbing up the career ladder at St Christopher’s. Today we hear from Jessica , who manages one of our new ‘spoke’ children’s homes in the West Midlands.

Children's home manager

What attracted you to your new role?

I have been worked at St Christopher’s for six years and always worked at the same children’s home. I was attracted to this new role after joining the trainee management programme and wanted a new challenge. It’s not every day you get the chance to open up a new children’s home so it was too much of a good opportunity to miss! I wanted to be able to put my stamp on a new home and really test myself.

What have been the main differences in this role to your previous one?

There is more involvement with the Senior Leadership Team at St Christopher’s than I had before. I am meeting lots of new faces and finding more out about people’s job roles. At first it was hard to adapt because I was in my comfort zone at work (it was like my second home!) but it’s a new adventure and I have loved every minute of it so far.

Have you experienced any challenges in your new role?

Starting from a blank canvas and purchasing all items for the home to shape it into the way I wanted it. This was made difficult due to the current coronavirus situation, which delayed orders and meant everything had to be done by internet shopping.

What things have helped you to settle in?

Having the support of other colleagues in management roles has been a massive help as they have helped me with uncertainties. They were always there to lend a listening ear.

What would you say to other St Christopher’s staff who are thinking about going for a promotion?

I would say to staff go for it, it’s the best thing you will do for your personal development.

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