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Team helps young person into world of work

Care leaver apprenticeJason has been working with our Support Into Employment team on the Isle of Man to get started on his road to employment and find the right job for him. Read about how he has been getting on thanks to guidance from the team.​

“Back in March this year, I met up with Support Into Employment to discuss a way to start me on my road to employment. I have had a number of jobs, but these have ended due to the lack of support and understanding from employers about me and my needs within the workplace. I have Asperger syndrome and ADHD, which require me to have a set structure in order to get through my day.​

Following my first meeting they set me up with Ambitions Employment Agency so I could get additional support in finding a suitable employer that would work alongside me.

Then in July, Ambitions got in contact with someone who they thought could give me an interesting role to gain valuable work experience. I met with the manager of G4S for an interview to allow me to understand the new role I may be undertaking. I was pleased to find out they had offered me a role at the grandstand during the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling Manx Grand Prix. Without hesitation I accepted the role and began working on the 12 August 2019.

During my time with G4S I undertook many roles and responsibilities such as manning the ticket desk, operating the lift and overseeing the safety of the spectators, all whilst enjoying the races and gaining valuable experience working the public.

I received a lot of positive feedback from the public, my colleagues and management which gave me a great confidence boost and I was pleased to hear from my manager that they were proud to have me as part of their team. I have also invited back for the TT races next year!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with G4S it has given me the confidence to continue on my journey into full time employment.”

'I would like to say a big thanks to the Support Into Employment team as without them I don't feel that I would have had this wonderful opportunity.'
Jason, young person

Support Into Employment is part of our charitable work on the Isle of Man helping young care leavers to learn workplace skills and figure out the right type of job role for them. If you would like to support more young people like Jason to get their career started, please donate to St Christopher’s today.

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