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Supporting young people with mental health needs

In 2019, we launched our therapeutic support work in our UK children’s services.

Based on work that a sister team carries out on the Isle of Man, this is designed to provide support for young people’s mental health. The team works to equip staff with the skills to provide young people with the right assistance at the right time. The team is also committed to valuing and understanding the wellbeing of staff and carers as this helps to ensure the best quality of care for the children and young people we support.

Our work on the Isle of Man has had a really positive impact on the lives of young people and families. By sharing what we have learned across our different teams, we aim to replicate these successes for the benefit of all the young people we work with.

By rolling out successful projects we deliver across our whole organisation, we can help ensure we deliver the highest level of support for our young people, but to be able to do so, we are reliant on funding. This is why St Christopher’s supporters are so important to what we do.

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