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Pay gap data shows only 2% discrepancy

St Christopher’s is reporting its gender pay gap at 2% towards women, compared to the UK national average of 18.1% higher for men.

Last year the UK became one of the first countries to require mandatory reporting on the gender pay gap as the government want to eliminate any disparity. Private, public and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees must publish their gender pay gap and bonus pay gap information by April 2018.

Our data shows:

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 1.9% higher than men’s
  • Women’s median hourly rate is 1% higher than men’s

Nine out of 14 of the most senior posts at St Christopher’s are held by women, and if you remove the highest quartile from the results the pay gap is in women’s favour at 5.8%.

67% of St Christopher’s staff and 60% of the senior leadership team are women.

Reasons for the pay gap include a disparity of 16+ night staff pay with those of the day staff. 80% of night workers in these roles are male. St Christopher’s is confident from the results that men and women are paid equally across the organisation for doing equivalent roles.

Proportion of Males and Females when divided into four groups ordered from lowest to highest:

Lower Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Upper Middle Quartile Upper Quartile
% Males 30.3 38.7 39.5 24
% Females 69.7 61.3 60.5 76


St Christopher’s is a registered charity and does not pay bonuses to staff.

This year we are reviewing all pay structures within the organisation to ensure our practices are fair and we have published our remuneration policy statement. We are committed to listening to our employees and have set up a staff forum called  ‘brighter future groups’ to give our employees a voice to express their opinion on our strategic direction and people plans.

Head of HR Doris Afreh said: “We have published the information ahead of the deadline to show our commitment to equality and transparency at St Christopher’s.”

Chief Executive Ron Giddens said: “We are committed to equality and diversity at St Christopher’s so are pleased at the result, but we want to eradicate any inequality from St Christopher’s pay entirely. Over the coming months we will be aiming to do exactly that so we can further improve our statistic for next year’s reporting.”