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“Only apply if you have a pure heart for the children we care for”

People want to work at St Christopher’s in order to make a difference to young people’s lives. But we also invest in our staff so they can learn new skills, progress in their job and represent the best of their profession.

Find out more about our therapeutic support roles, as Kaisha a Senior Systemic Therapist  for St Christopher’s tells her story.

Why did you want to work at St Christopher’s?

To empower children who were not privileged. I wanted the children to believe just because they had a rough start does not mean they cannot have a fulfilling life in the future.  By providing all young people warmth, care, guidance, stability, structure, routine, education and most of all Love.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Seeing the progression and development from where they started to what goals and life experiences, they have achieved at St Christopher’s. I enjoy the young people the most and the staff teams who also have the same vision for each individual child we care for.

What other development opportunities have you had?

I initially started in 2015 as a Child sexual exploitation practitioner, then progressed as a team leader, deputy manager then acting manager for a period and now a senior systemic practitioner.

What is next in your career?

I really want to become a psychotherapist / Counsellor / therapist – am still weighing up my options.


What would you say to someone interested/ looking to join the profession?

Only apply if you have a pure heart for the children we care for, always putting the needs of the young people first. Also, you must have a level of resilience and bounce back despite the various challenges we may face. Always remain child centred in everything that you do. These children are the future, they just need extra support to get them there.