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Gender pay gap data published

St Christopher’s has published its gender pay gap information for 2020-21, showing a pay gap towards women.

Snapshot data from 5 April 2021 shows:

  • Men’s mean hourly rate is -7.9% lower than women’s.
  • Men’s median hourly rate is -7.1% lower than women’s.
  • The mean data shows that men earn £0.93p for every £1.00 earned by a female counterpart.

Compared to our data from 20219-20, the mean figure is 0.5% higher for men and the median figure is 1.8% higher for men.

It is highly unusual to have a 0% gap as it is unlikely that there would be exactly the same number of men and women in each role. Our small percentage gap highlights how we value all colleagues regardless of gender.

Women are well-represented across all levels of St Christopher’s. Two thirds of senior posts are held by women (10 out of 15), including four out of six director posts held by women on the Senior Leadership Team.