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Diamond Fund expands thanks to charitable support

A local charity has raised more than £1,200 for St Christopher’s Diamond Fund, a pot of money available to help our children and young people work towards achieving their dreams.

Little Lives UK are a London charity who fund young people’s basic developmental skills, like health and education, so that those from disabled and disadvantaged backgrounds can fully participate in the world around them. They wanted to give money to the Diamond Fund to give our young people a chance to take part in the experiences that their peers can take for granted. Through sales in their charity shop and a charity clothes collection, they have raised an impressive £1,200.

To receive support from the Diamond Fund, young people and their key worker apply for a grant and explain how they will use the money. It can either be used to support them into training, education or employment by paying for interview outfits, travel cards or equipment, or for a fun and creative activity they can do with staff and their friends.

We are looking forward to seeing all the exciting things our young people want to do with the money from Little Lives UK – thank you so much for your support!

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