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Brighter and safer futures

Our children, young people and staff’s safety is of utmost importance to us. That is why safeguarding is at the core of our practice.

Through our social pedagogic framework, we focus on developing relationships with young people to build their resilience and develop their many strengths. We create safe environments and opportunities for young people to choose their own path, make mistakes, and learn from their experiences. Our experiences have shown that allowing young people to learn for themselves, instead of preventing them from trying new things, means they have a better understanding of their own risk competencies.

'The staff know me. They can tell when I am feeling bad without me having to tell them, and they know the right things to do.'
Katy, young person

We have up to date, relevant policies and procedures to support best practice. This ensures our workforce is trained and competent in safeguarding, including our trustees, front line staff, volunteers and any other partners.

Our robust auditing procedures include monthly data collection of all serious incidents across our services so we can review and develop our practice. Having this data allows us to recognise and address key safeguarding issues, as well as support our training and development programme for staff based on specific issues for their service. Instead of relying on anecdotes about our work it gives us hard data and evidence to back up the work we do.

Our Section 11 Report (Children Act 2004) is reviewed bi-annually and evidences how we meet safeguarding requirements.

For more information on our safeguarding approach, visit our policies.