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How donations make a difference

When you donate to a charity like St Christopher’s, you are helping to give children and young people the chance at a brighter future.

The Diamond Fund

Unlike other young people, many of our children have no family to support them financially. It can make activities like learning how to swim or visiting a college open day out of reach for young people in care.

That’s where St Christopher’s Diamond Fund comes in. The fund can support young people with their education and training – for example, buying a suit for a job interview or a travel card to get to college. It can also mean our young people can experience activities that their peers take for granted – like visiting a museum or going on a camping trip.

Donations make the Diamond Fund possible. Donate today and help a young person fulfil their dreams.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills team play such an important role in our young people’s lives. They help our young people to learn practical skills like cooking and budgeting, and also to explore their creativity and manage their emotions. Our dedicated team help our young people in their journey to adulthood, which can be especially difficult when a young person first moves into their own flat.

Donate today, and you can make sure young people in care have the support they need to look forward to brighter futures.

The Letterbox Club

Donations mean we can send our foster children regular packs of books, games and stationery. They help foster carers to support their learning, and having a parcel through the post each month makes our children feel very special.

Make a donation and help foster children to have fun while learning.

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