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Working to reduce Serious Youth Violence and exploitation

Trusted Spaces

Trusted Spaces is a Home Office funded pilot tackling Serious Youth Violence and exploitation. In partnership with Ealing Council and MAC-UK, our project works with young people who are vulnerable to grooming or gang involvement by addressing issues of social isolation.

We are making sure that every young person we work with has a key, trusted adult in their lives who they can turn to in times of need – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Building these positive relationships help young people to engage with support services and disclose any risks or abuse in their lives. Through our outreach support, young people have someone by their side to help solve their problems.

From research, experience with our Runaways service and young people’s feedback, we know that they are most at risk after being excluded from school. Our team work with the Ealing Grid for Learning to speak directly with young people about community safety and to find alternative solutions to school exclusions. Keeping them in school protects them from child criminal exploitation and gang involvement.

This is a service with co-production at its heart. Young people’s views and ideas have shaped the development, from telling us about their experiences with Serious Youth Violence to designing the project logo. Putting their needs in the centre is helping us to reach hundreds of young people across the community.

Parent Champion Network

Part of our Trusted Spaces project is the Parent Champion Network, which helps parents understand and manage risk for their children in three key areas:

  • How to use online forums
  • How to understand contextualised safeguarding
  • Nonviolent communication

Sometimes parents may have missed out on a positive upbringing so may be unfamiliar with effective parenting techniques. With the Parent Champion Network, the aim is to break the cycle of families requiring social care support by upskilling parents so they are better equipped to keep their children safe. Parents who are part of the network can go onto train other families and be part of building up parenting capabilities within the community.

For more information about Trusted Spaces, funded through the Home Office Trusted Relationships scheme, get in touch with us.