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Become a foster carer in Wolverhampton

Fostering in Wolverhampton

Do you have the passion and enthusiasm to change a young person’s life? Then we want to hear from YOU.

St Christopher’s is looking for people to foster in Wolverhampton. Becoming a foster carer is a challenging but rewarding way to make a difference to a young person’s life.

In Wolverhampton around 640 children are in care. The majority of these young people live with foster families, who welcome them into their homes and make sure they are happy, cared for and loved.

Lots of people assume they cannot foster if they are single, gay, retired or religious, but this isn’t the case. Every child in care is different, so we need all different types of foster parents to look after them. Check out our requirements to foster before you rule yourself out.

All you need is a spare bedroom and a desire to create brighter futures for children and young people in your area. Get in touch with St Christopher’s today to start your fostering journey.


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'The best thing about St Christopher’s is that the people that work there are very kind and helpful. If you have worries they understand your problems.'
Farah, young person living with foster carers