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Foster Care Fortnight
It's time for action - become a foster carer

Foster Care Fortnight

Every year we celebrate Foster Care Fortnight, a national event by The Fostering Network to show how foster parents transform lives – and how you could do it too.

Thousands of children are taken into care every year and the majority of these young people go on to live with foster families, whether it’s for a short length of time or a longer period.

'My carer is a great mum. She is supportive, caring, kind, flexible, understanding and fun.'
Connor, young person

A guide to foster care

We want to encourage people to take action this fortnight and enquire about fostering.

Becoming a foster carer isn’t a decision you can make on the spot, but you can reach out to a charity like St Christopher’s to ask any unanswered questions that are holding you back. Then, once you are ready to speak to us about starting your application, you can start your fostering journey and help us to create brighter futures for young people in care.

Our foster families have told us they wish they had started fostering sooner – so what are you waiting for? Read our guide to fostering using the links below and enquire about fostering with us today.

How foster care changes lives

At St Christopher’s we keep children at the heart of fostering. Our foster carers and staff are passionate about ensuring the young people they look after have the right opportunities.

Tiny things can make a huge difference to a child in care. Listening to stories about their day, playing games and helping with homework all help a young person to feel valued. These activities don’t take much time at all but are all examples of showing love and care – which make a huge difference if you do them every day.

Tiffany and her brother were taken into care and had to spend some time living with separate foster families before they were reunited at St Christopher’s. Living with our foster carers has rekindled their sibling bond – read their story below to find out what happened.

"Living with foster carers made me closer to my brother"

Tiffany and her younger brother Callum came into care after experiencing severe neglect. They were initially placed with the same foster family but spent a lot of time arguing with each other, even though they ...

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