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Young people host first art exhibition

St Christopher’s young people hosted an art exhibition on Thursday 3 January filled with their drawings, collages, videos, songs and poems. More than 40 pieces were submitted to go on display.

Young people worked alongside staff to design their pieces, set up the exhibit space, and invite their friends and family along to the show. It was a big hit, with a constant stream of people coming into the gallery throughout the evening.

Attendees were also invited to write messages about specific pieces on display, which would then be passed onto the artist for them to read and keep. This was to make sure young people knew how their art had inspired or impacted upon the audience.

This exhibition is a great example of St Christopher’s social pedagogic approach. Opportunities like this, where young people can be creative and try something new, allow them to learn about their own unique skills, talents and value.

It was also vital that young people could have their say over curating the exhibition. Co-production is integral to St Christopher’s practice; by giving young people control over things that they care about, they can learn new skills and start to recognise the positive difference they can make in their communities.

Chief Executive Jonathan Whalley said: “This show was a great way to kick off 2019 with some creativity and flair. There is such an unprecedented amount of talent within our homes and services, and looking round the exhibition made me feel so proud of all they have accomplished.”

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