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Young Inspectors give thumbs up to children’s home

A St Christopher’s children’s home in the West Midlands has received really positive feedback from the Young Inspectors of Sandwell Council, who are care leavers from the local area looking to find out about current residents’ experiences of the home.

The purpose of the visit was to establish whether young people in the home were cared for properly. The inspectors did this by asking young people and the home’s manager questions around the level of care and support that was available.

They then left their comments in the home’s Compliments Book. One of the Young Inspectors said: “Very warm and welcoming, employees are really friendly and eager to talk as well as the young people. Well done!”

The other inspector said: “The home was very welcoming and the staff were also warm and pleasant to be around. Young people seemed very comfortable and happy.”

At St Christopher’s we strive to include the views of children and young people in everything we do. Receiving feedback like this from care experienced inspectors shows that we are doing right by the young people living in the home.