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“There is so much to gain”

Shanakay works at a children’s home in the West Midlands, which is part of our hub and spoke model of residential care. She recently became Team Leader of her service and shares what drew her to apply for a promotion.

What attracted you to your new role?

The flexibility of being on the floor with the young people whilst also having an opportunity to lead and develop my own professional practice

What have been the main differences in this role to your previous one?

My involvement with management has increased now. As I am becoming more aware of their responsibilities it is a great way for me to learn about their roles, as well as my own.

Have you experienced any challenges in your new role?

Not yet, thankfully! But I’m sure this will change, so I welcome them gracefully and will be ready to overcome them when they arise

What things have helped you to settle in?

Knowing that I have a great mentor and manager who I can go to for absolutely anything and is a great example.

What would you say to other St Christopher’s staff who are thinking about going for a promotion?

There is absolutely nothing to lose but so much to learn and gain. I am glad that I took this opportunity and I am looking forward to how I’m going to develop personally and professionally in this new role.

If you want a career where you can develop professionally whilst having a positive impact on young people’s lives, apply to St Christopher’s today.