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“The job ticks a lot of boxes”

Support worker HarryWhen you start a new job, it makes a huge difference to your experience when you feel supported and like you instantly fit into the team. Through the St Christopher’s Academy, our entry pathway sets you up in your career working with children and young people.

Harry joined us as a support worker in one of our semi-independent homes, working with care leavers, homeless young people and young asylum seekers. In the five months since he started, we found out how St Christopher’s has helped him settle into the job.

Did you always want to work with young people?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a long time. In recent times I realised I wanted to work in a not-for-profit in a hands-on role. I was keen to work with people seeking asylum as I feel passionate about the cause and want to help people in these challenging circumstances.

What drew you to working at St Christopher’s?

The job at St Christopher’s ticks a lot of boxes when I was looking. The role seemed really inclusive and hands-on, something where I would get to dip my beak in a few different areas.

How was it starting a new job during the pandemic?

It was a strange first few weeks as a lot of the job was based on responding to the latest coronavirus lockdown. I could see it wasn’t normal times for those that worked there for a while but I found it easy as a new person because I could still meet all the staff and young people in-person. Because of the change in rules, the whole team had to adapt, so even though I was in a new environment it felt new for everybody.

What did your team do to support you as a new starter?

My manager set up a buddy system so that one person in particular made sure I was fully in the know about what was going on. It was really good for helping me get settled and making sure I knew how everything ticked over. It’s a system I would recommend!

What was your introductory training like?

I’ve been on a few different training courses that are pretty good. Despite all the pandemic restrictions at the moment, St Christopher’s training team worked really hard to make it all work as best as it can.

What are the best things about working at St Christopher’s?

I like that the days are all different – one day you can be working on something serious with a young person, and on the next day you can be building a wardrobe or pulling up weeds to look after the house and garden and get young people engaged in activities. Nobody likes to do the same thing over and over again so the variation of day-to-day tasks is good. And of course I like getting to spend time with young people, especially in the moments when you see that they appreciate your help.

What would you say to someone considering applying for a job at St Christopher’s?

Go for it! If this is the line of work you want to be in then the support worker role gives you a good taste of a career in care, social work and the charity sector.


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