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Staff stories
“I can see myself at St Christopher’s for a long time”
Have you always dreamt of holding a leadership position? The Leadership Passport at St Christopher’...
Staff stories
Becoming a manager at St Christopher’s
Do you have leadership potential? Through St Christopher’s Academy, you can start your career ...
Staff stories
“I knew I was ready because of the passport”
People want to work at St Christopher’s in order to make a difference to ...
Staff stories
“I want young people to feel this is their home”
After your first six months at St Christopher’s, once you have had chance to ...
Staff stories
Mentoring for new employees
You are automatically enrolled into St Christopher’s Academy when you join our charity. For ...
Staff stories
“The ethos is genuinely embedded in the organisation”
Mentoring is undoubtedly helpful for building confidence and skills when you start a new job. ...