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Foster carer stories
Care leavers join fostering panels
St Christopher’s is delighted to welcome two care leavers, Nicola Lacey and Ethan Smith ...
Charity news
Improving online safety for foster children
Online Safety in Fostering is a project aiming to make sure St Christopher’s foster ...
Foster carer stories
Best fostering memory? “The day our foster son said he loved us”
There are many misconceptions around who can foster – what age you have to be, whether ...
Foster carer stories
Introducing the Sons and Daughters of foster carers
Every October the fostering world celebrates Sons and Daughters Month, a chance to highlight the ...
Foster carer stories
Everything you need to know about Fostering Panel
It takes six months to become a foster carer, with the last stage in the ...
Foster carer stories
“You get a lot of rewards from helping a child to blossom”
At St Christopher’s we encourage people from all backgrounds and life experiences to foster ...