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St Christopher’s receives accolade for eighth consecutive year

Customer Service Excellence AwardSt Christopher’s Fellowship is excited to announce we have been awarded the Customer Service Excellence Award for 2019, meaning we have continuously held this certification for eight years.

This year we received full compliance in all areas, including one area where we have exceeded expectations. This was for our Support Into Employment team on the Isle of Man, who have developed a brand new service to support care leavers into work in a way that grows their skills and confidence. Compliance Plus refers to behaviour or practices that exceed the requirements of the standard and are viewed as exceptional or exemplar to others, either within the organisation or the external world. We are really proud of this service and the brilliant work they have been doing with the community.

'The project has continued to develop, and its success has led to greater involvement and flexibility of approach from the local Jobcentres – one of the key partners in guaranteeing the sustainability and ongoing positive achievements of the project together with a growing pool of employers.'
Customer Service Excellence report

The assessor praised our commitment to acting on what young people and staff tell us, which is consistent throughout the organisation. This includes changes to the annual young people’s consultation so it is more personalised, growing a therapeutic service in the UK, and the inception and delivery of our Staying Close project for care leavers. He commended the introduction of the Mind Of My Own app for children living with St Christopher’s foster families so they have another vehicle for sharing their views.

Our social pedagogic approach was also highlighted as beneficial, particularly with how our Runaways team put extra time and effort into building relationships with young people when they work with them to complete Return Home Interviews.

'St Christopher’s successful approach to Return Home Interviews is built on Social Pedagogy principles. There is much more focus on follow-up support and activities than in most RHI services. Interviews typically take place in locations which suit the young people so that they feel at ease in the location rather than the more traditional institutional or administrative situation.'
Customer Service Excellence report

Chief Executive Jonathan Whalley said: “This report highlights the excellent practice taking place across St Christopher’s, from our delivery services in the UK and Isle of Man right back to our central services teams. It is clear that putting children at the heart of our work is integral to everything we do, so I am really pleased this has been recognised and validated by an external group for yet another year.”

You can also download a full copy of the report, or get in touch with us for more information.