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St Christopher’s launches new film made by young people

A new short film aimed at improving the way St Christopher’s communicates with its young people has been launched.

The new film is the first of a series to be produced as part of the Wrap project, that not only aims to improve communication, but also helps young people to gain new skills and confidence at a critical time in their lives, as they prepare to move on from a hostel or supported housing into independent living.

With funding from Ashden Trust, one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, and the Big Lottery Fund, young people from St Christopher’s are now working with professional film makers to create a series of films that communicate important issues in a relevant and engaging way. It follows a consultation with the young people who use its housing and support services that concluded that they do not read leaflets – and that films would be a much better way to get our messages across.

The latest film’s message is that St Christopher’s celebrates difference.  It brings issue of diversity to life using young people and staff from St Christopher’s talking about their backgrounds and the things that are important to them.   The end line for the film, ‘Diversity means difference and difference is good’, was devised by the young people themselves.

One of the young people right at the beginning was Rudi Carew. She has now moved on to her own flat but is thrilled with how the project has grown: “The Wrap project has given me more confidence to speak up and know that my ideas will be listened to.  It will let other young people like me, in my situation, know that there are people who aren’t just trying to hide them away and treat them like they’re nothing.  There are people who will listen to you.

“The new film is great – I’m really happy that I was involved in making it happen.”

Phil Townsend, Deputy Director of UK Operations said: “At St Christopher’s we know that the best way to improve our services is by asking the young people who use them.  The Wrap project is a really good example of that.  These films not only mean we communicate much more effectively with young people, but the young people have also learnt new skills in team work and planning.  I am extremely proud of what is being achieved.”