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Sponsored leg wax raises money for Children in Need

Children and staff from a West Midlands children’s residential home held a Fantastic Five Fundraising Week where they did something every day to raise money for Children in Need.

Glen, who works at the home, kindly volunteered to fundraise by having his legs waxed in a team meeting and received £82.50 for his efforts. Both staff and young people alike enjoyed getting stuck into the waxing session – and Glen was very brave!

Glen said: “I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who sponsored me for waxing my legs. I was really happy to raise money for such a good cause even if my legs were in pain afterwards – but they have never felt smoother.”

Staff members Jessica and Saab made cakes and biscuits for a bake sale. They sold them to staff, family and friends, and a young person living in the home bought some out of her pocket money. They raised £33 thanks to their excellent culinary skills. The next day they played ‘guess how many sweets in the jar’ for £1 per go and £2 for a sweepstake entry.

On Friday staff and young people watched Children in Need all evening. The television footage made young people think about how many children are in need and how it is a good way of supporting a charity to make a difference.

In total they raised an impressive £135.50 for Children in Need. Jessica said: “Well done to the team for all getting involved in raising money. I’m proud to work with such a good bunch of people!”

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