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Specialist home rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted

St Christopher’s is delighted that their Safe Steps children’s home has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for the second year running.

Ofsted Outstanding

Safe Steps supports girls aged 12-17 who are at risk of child sexual exploitation, grooming and other community threats. The home was first rated as ‘Outstanding’ in 2018 and has retained this result during their inspection at the end of 2019.

Since the home opened the team has developed social pedagogic practice to ensure they offer the right care and support. They focus on building positive, genuine relationships with young people in order to pull them away from negative influences outside of the home.

Staff are committed to keeping young people safe from harm and giving them the tools to assess their own risk. The report states: “Young people feel safe living in this home and they benefit from good safeguarding arrangements. Currently, no young people are going missing from the home. This is an excellent achievement, considering the young people’s personal histories.”

All young people in the home are in education or employment, and that they have all increase their maturity, resilience and self-worth. The team support them to engage in the community through work placements, celebrating events or having jobs. The report says: “Young people with complex or challenging needs make exceptional progress from their traumatic starting points. They are thriving educationally, emotionally and socially.”

St Christopher’s is proud of their involvement in shaping care for young people in the wider world, which is highlighted in this report. The home is commended for informing research at Middlesex University and was referenced as an example of good practice in a report by the APPG for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults.

Young people speak positively about their experiences in the home. The report states: “Young people commended the caring attitude of staff and highlighted how living in the home has significantly improved their lives.”

Other professionals are also complimentary about the team’s work: “Comprehensive care planning is informed by research and psychological theories. Professional feedback regarding the care was very positive. One social worker described the care as ‘outstanding’.”

Director of Operations (UK) Phil Townsend said: “Well done to everyone at Safe Steps for this fantastic report. I am delighted that our innovative practice is praised by inspectors and that we are recognised as experts in this area. Most importantly, I am really pleased that this team’s work is creating brighter futures for young people every single day.”

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