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“Seeing a range of friendly faces has been great”

Children's home manager

Laverne Cole began her career at St Christopher’s in a specialist children’s home and has worked her way up to a Regional Manager post. Learn about her journey and the route she took to reach her current role.

What attracted you to your new role?

I felt ready for a new challenge out of my comfort zone as well the opportunity to share my experience, learning and practice across the wider organisation. I wanted to work more closely with other services that I was ​unfamiliar with.

What have been the main differences in this role to your previous one?

Having to be attentive to the strengths and challenges of six services, not just one! I have to work in a different capacity as a manager as my role is not only to nurture and develop others but also to be a key link between operational services and central services.

Have you experienced any challenges in your new role?

Keeping my diary and task list systematically organised and remaining up to date with the ever-changing dynamics within the services

What things have helped you to settle in?

Having a wide range of friendly faces within the six services has been great. Because I have previously delivered CSE and Safeguarding training to staff I haven’t felt like as much of a “newbie”.

Has there been anything that has surprised you about the job?

That my memory would remain just as alert for each service, despite the different priorities

What would you say to other St Christopher’s staff who are thinking about going for a promotion?

Never shy away from developing! Your experience, journey and learning within St Christopher’s is invaluable to the progress and development of the wider organisation and will always be welcomed.