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Pay gap shows only 0.5% difference in earnings

St Christopher’s is reporting its gender pay gap mean rate at 0.5%, compared to the UK national average of 17.9%.

In 2017 the UK became one of the first countries to require mandatory reporting on the gender pay gap as the government want to ensure pay is equal for both men and women. Private, public and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees have to publish their gender pay gap and bonus pay gap information every April.

We are pleased that for the second year running our gender pay gap has been minimal. Last year our gender pay gap was 2% in favour of women compared to the UK national average of 18.1% in favour of men.

It is highly unusual to have a 0% gap as it is unlikely that there would be exactly the same number of men and women in each role. Our small percentage gap highlights how we value all colleagues regardless of gender.

Our data shows:

  • Men’s mean hourly rate is 0.5% higher than women’s
  • Men’s median hourly rate is 1.8% higher than women’s

This data means that women earn 98p for every £1 earned by a male counterpart.

Women are well-represented across all levels of St Christopher’s. Eight of the 12 most senior posts at St Christopher’s are held by women.

Head of HR Doris Afreh said: “Keeping an eye on equality and diversity across St Christopher’s is essential to making sure we have staff with all different skills, qualities and life experiences across all levels of the organisation.”

Jonathan Whalley, Chief Executive, said: “At St Christopher’s we work hard to ensure everyone has equal opportunities and support to develop. These figures emphasise just how important equality and diversity is at St Christopher’s.”

To read the full data visit the government website.