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‘Outstanding’ inspection report for children’s home

St Christopher’s spot purchase children’s home in West London has been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted thanks to the prioritising of education, effective management and emotional support for young people.

Highlights from the report include:

“The members of the excellent staff team are consistently encouraging, warm and nurturing in their routine interactions with young people. Social workers note the staff’s skill and tenacity in building positive relationships and supporting young people. One said, ‘The staff have been really good at building a relationship with him and supporting him. They worked really hard at engaging him; it wasn’t easy but they stuck with it.’

“The home rightly believes that getting young people to attend school is the first area to be prioritised. They use practical strategies to achieve this; as a young person confirms, ‘They are really annoying on schooldays until you get up, opening the curtains and singing to you.’

“Young people are listened to in this home and in the wider organisation. A social worker said, ‘They really listen to his wishes and feelings’. Young people have presented to the trustees of the organisation, and have attended a staff meeting in the home. Some of their ideas about the reward system have been implemented. This helps young people to realise that their voice matters and raises their self-esteem.”

“Sanctions are also sparingly used, and are usually restorative in nature, which helps young people realise the impact of their actions. This model works especially well. Staff rely on their knowledge of the young person and their triggers to de-escalate situations. This, coupled with the strong relationships that exist between staff and young people, is highly effective.”

“[Staff] are extremely positive about their work. One said ‘I feel really lucky to work here’, and another said, ‘I love coming into work each day’… In addition, the registered manager has had to train up a large number of new staff to meet the high expectations she rightly has for how young people should be treated.”

“Once in the home, young people receive total commitment to their needs, no matter how complex.”

Chief Executive Ron Giddens said: “Congratulations to all the team at the home for their hard work and success!”

You can read a full copy of the Ofsted report.

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