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Our Gender pay gap information – for the 2022/23 reporting year

Our snap shot data is from April 5th 2022 at this time there were 286 people within the St Christopher’s Fellowship workforce:

191 women (66.78%) and 95 (33.22%) men and shows:

Men’s mean hourly rate is -7.1% lower than women’s

Men’s median hourly rate is -6.0% lower than women’s

From the mean data men earn £0.93 for every £1.00 earned by a female counterpart.

As a female dominated workforce our gender pay gap is £1.02 in favour of women.

There are approximately 70 posts in the upper quartile (highest paid) of which 49 (70%) are held by women and over the years we have taken pro-active steps to identify and close any pay disparities.

We are also taking positive action to actively recruit more men into our frontline services to provide male role models for the children, young people and families we work with.