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Ofsted praises children’s home approach in pandemic

A St Christopher’s spot purchase children’s home in West London has been praised in its recent Ofsted assurance visit.

St Christopher’s follows social pedagogic models, which focus on developing genuine relationships with young people to grow their confidence. The report highlights how this approach allows staff to have “a strong understanding of children’s complex needs”.

Feedback from the report praises the home’s child-centred approach to residential care: “During the ongoing pandemic, the registered manager and the core staff team have worked closely to provide continuity of care for children. They have prioritised children’s needs and demonstrated resilience, flexibility and creativity. The registered manager has shown dynamic leadership, assisting with covering shifts when there have been staff shortages.”

The inspector also noted how St Christopher’s help children to reach their full potential: “Children’s talents and strengths are nurtured. Children are learning to understand themselves and their impact on others. Staff work hard to empower children, helping them grow emotionally and building on their resilience.”

Disruption to education has impacted young people in the UK as schools have been forced to close. However, at this home “[all] children are enrolled in school or college. Bespoke support is available for children from the organisation’s educational lead. It is commendable that children use their initiative by finding their own college courses and independently studying for exams.” Having in-house educational provision available has ensured that any disruption can be kept to a minimum and that they can receive tailored help with their learning.

Director of Operations (UK) Phil Townsend said: “St Christopher’s is proud of how we have cared for and supported young people throughout the pandemic. It has not been an easy time for our young people but our staff teams have been brilliant in offering stability and consistency.”

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