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Moving in with a foster family

Amy is a foster child living with St Christopher’s foster carers.

When she moved in with her St Christopher’s foster carers, Amy struggled with low self-esteem. She lived in her own fantasy world, experienced anxiety at bedtime, and felt unhappy.

Amy had been diagnosed with ADHD and found it difficult to build relationships with others. She ran away from school, displayed volatile behaviour towards other children, and tried to control her younger brother’s behaviour.

Moving in with her foster family was a big adjustment for Amy. With the support of their St Christopher’s social worker, her carers figured out how they could help her work through her feelings in a healthy way.

How foster carers make a difference

With support from their St Christopher’s social worker, Amy’s foster carers introduced ways to help her overcome her anxiety. They started using charts and picture booklets to tell Amy about new activities or events so she knew what to expect, which also reduced her need to take control of situations.

The carers also supported her to make choices in a more structured way by limiting the number of options on offer and used distraction techniques when Amy felt overwhelmed.

Her self-care routine was separated from her brother’s so she would be less controlling, and the carers focused on giving her lots of praise. They observed how her behaviour changed and began using a food diary to identify the links between eating and Amy’s mood.

The fostering team secured an education place for Amy and reduced her intake of ADHD medication. On top of this, the carers spent every day showing her what it was like to live with people who love and care for you.

Fostering changes lives

Amy is now much more open with her carers and discusses her feelings in a calm manner. She is growing in confidence and enjoys living with her new family.

With continuing support from St Christopher’s, her carers can keep providing a happy, stable home where Amy can thrive.

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