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Introducing our new strategy

Today, I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you – we are officially launching our new 5-year strategy, ably designed to propel us forward with clear goals and a strong vision for the future. But before I dive in, I also encourage you to take a look at our Impact Report for 2024, (where we highlight our new strategy for 2024-2029). The report will also give you context around the journey St Christopher’s has taken in the last 5 years as we reflect on past plans and provide an overview of activity and achievements, as well as our ambitions moving forward.

Now back to the future, let’s consider the three main pillars of our onward plan, as brought to life by our new House visual below: Foundations and Focus, Services and Support, and People and Promises.


Foundations and Focus

First things first, we need to get the basics right. “Foundations and Focus” is all about setting ourselves up for success. This means improving our internal processes, enhancing our infrastructure, and making sure we have a solid base from which we can grow. Think of it as building a sturdy foundation for a house – without it, nothing else can stand strong. By focusing on the essentials, we can create a more effective and resilient organisation.

One of our mantras will be excellence in all we do and how can we stand apart from other providers by the quality of our work and the outcomes we can achieve.

Services and Support

Our second pillar, “Services and Support,” is at the heart of our ethos as a charity in the sector – delivering quality services that meet the needs of our children and young people. We aim to give them the brightest futures possible. If you imagine looking in the centre of our “house” this is the activity you should expect to see.

To achieve this, we need to continually evaluate and improve our services. Are we meeting their needs? Are there areas where we can do better?  Feedback and innovative ideas are crucial here. Our teams will work together to ensure our services are not just good, but exceptional. Every one of us plays a part in delivering this, whether directly or indirectly in supporting our front-line services.

We will build on the excellent work of the previous strategy and continue to offer excellent homes, fostering and support, and provide additional services and initiatives to give our young people opportunities for Life Long Learning and Thriving and also to meet their emotional and mental health needs.

People and Promises

Last but certainly not least, “People and Promises” focuses on our internal community and our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. We want to create a meaningful and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. Additionally, we are committed to striving towards carbon neutrality, making sure our work has a positive impact on the planet. This means we will be implementing greener practices and encouraging sustainable habits across the board. Our teams’ engagement and dedication to these promises are vital. By nurturing a supportive and inclusive community, and prioritising sustainability, we can make a real difference.

Making the Strategy Come Alive

This strategy isn’t just a document or a design – it’s a call to action for each and every one of us, a reminder of our ambitions and a pathway to achieving them. It’s about working together, sharing ideas, and supporting each other as we strive towards our goals.

The core of our work continues to be the need to offer our children and young people relationships that will endure, aspirations for their futures and the support they need to not just survive, but to thrive.

Every contribution, no matter how small, is important. So, let’s bring this strategy to life in real terms, and in doing so, help to create brighter futures for the children and young people we serve.

Here’s to the next five years of growth, impact, and success!