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“I am learning how valuable staff wellbeing is”

St Christopher’s offers multiple routes you can take to progress your career. Here, Eugenia shares her experience of stepping up into a team leader role at a semi-independent home during the coronavirus pandemic.

What attracted you to your new role?

I was looking for a new challenge in my career. My previous managers at within St Christopher’s supported me in learning new skills so I felt ready for new responsibilities.

What have been the main differences in this role to your previous one?

As I changed role and service when I got this new job, everything has been very new to me. Looking after staff members, as well as young people, has been the main difference I would say. Every day I am learning how valuable staff wellbeing is in order to provide the best support to our young people.

Have you experienced any challenges in your new role?

Lockdown has been the most difficult challenge. It is very hard to build new relationships with young people during this crazy time due to the measures in place for the pandemic.

What things have helped you to settle in?

All the lovely staff members have welcomed me into Howard House from the first day and they soon made me feel as part of their team. The support of all semi-independent managers during my first month and my first times being on-call has also really helped.

Has there been anything that has surprised you about the job?

While being a support worker, I did not realise the high amount of tasks that a Team Leader needs to complete. However, good teamwork with your manager definitely makes everything smoother.

What would you say to other St Christopher’s staff who are thinking about going for a promotion?

Definitely go for it! There is so much you can offer to St Christopher’s staff and young people. Don’t feel scared because it will be an amazing life experience!