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Football, Festive Spirit and Fundraising this season

I don’t know about you, but for me, Christmas feels a little bit different this year.  Finally, the weather has started to feel like winter after a very mild autumn, and the leaves have finally fallen from the trees.  It was like they were clinging on for dear life.

I think the World Cup has a lot to do with it.  It has thrown my internal calendar off kilter and confused my brain.  I keep thinking we should be out, having barbeques, not getting the decorations out of the loft.  This is the first year, ever, that our Elf On The Shelf has been put in football poses instead of making snow angels in flour. 

But some things never change.  Christmas is usually a time for family, and particularly for children and young people to create happy, long-lasting memories.  At St Christopher’s, this is one of our core ambitions; to give children happy childhood experiences.  Unfortunately, not every child’s experience of care is a positive one and many will look back on their time being looked after with sadness.  We must do everything in our power to stand out in our young peoples’ memories as happy times, for providing them places where they were genuinely cared for, relationships in which they were genuinely supported and understood, and where they were helped to achieve brighter futures.

Our Christmas fundraising campaign started in November, and this year our appeal focuses on the experiences of a young person.  We want to convey what isn’t obvious about living in care to help donors understand, feel and connect emotionally with our work. 

We are lucky that we have loyal donors who continue to give every year, and we thank them for their vital, ongoing support.  We know that this year especially, everything is more expensive, so we are grateful for the support that the public can bring to our work.  The funds that the appeal raises will be used to make our homes unique places where young people can create those happy memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

I would be grateful if you could support our campaign by following us on social media and if you are able, by donating to our appeal – spreading some festive spirit to make a difference to the young people in our care.