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Finding the diamond within

Donations make The Diamond Fund possible. Each year we set aside £12,000 that our young people can apply for with the help of their support worker. These grants help with access to education, training and employment – often for essential items that can make the world of difference to a young person. In the past year we’ve given out more than 50 grants.

Daniel’s glasses were broken accidentally. Without them he couldn’t see the board at college, but his social worker said he wasn’t eligible for a replacement pair. A Diamond Fund grant of £40 meant Daniel could buy a new pair of glasses. He’s now back at college and doing well.

Only 6% of care leavers make it to university, so we were over the moon when Molly got a place at University of the Arts London. She was excited about studying, but nervous about living on her own for the first time. Through The Diamond Fund, Molly has been able to buy a travel card so that she can visit her family and friends across London. Keeping these important relationships has helped her feel confident about taking this big step in her life, and she’s on the way to achieving a bright future.

The Diamond Fund also means young people can organise group activities that build positive relationships.

Last year young people at one of our homes planned a camping trip to Scotland. Giving young people the opportunity to take on decision-making roles allows them to learn about responsibility, which builds their resilience. They all worked together to plan the budget, how they would get there and what activities they would do.

' 'When I saw the bridge, when I sat on the bus and I saw nature, the mountain, the blue sky and the river, I connected with my vision of the future.'
Jamal, young person

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