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“Everyone deserves the right to a bright future”

Tashoya works across three of our 16+ services organising activities and learning sessions for young people who are about to leave care. Her job is full of variety and offers lots of opportunity for development.

From a young age, I visualised a future working with children and young people – but in reality, I never thought I’d be in the role that I am in now and so soon after graduating from university!

I am a Peripatetic Engagement and Support Worker across three supported housing services for young people aged 16 and over. It is my responsibility to ensure all young people in these homes complete the six essential steps to independence so that they can progress onto living on their own. I work on delivering AQA workshops to teach essential life skills and run activities to support each service.

The role is great – I have built good rapport with the young people and like knowing that they feel comfortable sharing their life experiences with me. They also have the opportunity to experience life skills workshops and activities as a combined thing – it’s not like learning in a classroom!

Social pedagogy and a person-centred approach are at the forefront of our work supporting children and young people. This means it is one of few jobs that allows you to be authentic and see great outcomes and growth – not only in the young people you work with, but also in yourself as a member of staff. You help to find their “inner diamond” and find your own on the way!

Everyone deserves the right to a bright future and working for St Christopher’s has enabled me to show young people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want to make them believe that although they have been through some bad experiences in the past but can come out the other side and be happy and successful.

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