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“Every day is different”

Children's home manager

Paula joined St Christopher’s as part of our management trainee programme in the West Midlands. She is now deputy manager of one of our children’s homes, leading a staff team to care for and support the young people who live there.

What attracted you to your new role?

I came to St Christopher’s as a trainee manager because it was a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and gain more knowledge in management.

What has been the main difference in this role to your previous one?

There are a lot more challenges in this role but this is enabling me to learn new skills and understand the nature of a management role within a residential setting

Have you experienced any challenges in your new role?

Mainly dealing with COVID-19 and ensuring the young people and staff are safe.

What has helped you settle in?

Support from the management team has been amazing. I can’t thank them enough locally in the West Midlands and from the central teams in St Christopher’s main office. Also the excellent training that I am receiving in relation to my new role has made a big difference.

Has there been anything that surprised about your role?

No surprises, but what I will say that every day is different and this makes it more enjoyable.

What would you say to other St Christopher’s staff who are thinking of applying for a promotion?

I would say go for it, you really have nothing to lose. This is a fantastic opportunity, to develop your skills and knowledge in residential care. 

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