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Building resilience for a brighter future

How old were you when you left home for the first time? How prepared did you feel?

Most young people in care leave their children’s home at 17. Leaving care can feel like an instant expectation of adulthood. When young people move into their own flat they need to know practical things like how to cook and pay the bills. But emotional resilience is just as essential for independent living.

That’s where St Christopher’s Life Skills Team comes in. They support our young people every step of the way on their journey to adulthood. Their work focuses on practical skills, health, building resilience, accessing education and getting into work. It’s thanks to our donors that we can fund this team.

'The healthy lifestyle workshops made me remember that if I am not feeling good in my body, my mind probably won’t get much stuff done. They kept me motivated to eat properly and do exercise.'
Mo, young person

Creative group activities help our young people to have a sense of belonging and positive self-worth. Through learning together, the team helps young people think about the positives that can come from facing challenges. They act as role models to show that mistakes are an important part of being brave and learning something new.

Our Life Skills Lead Alex says: “When we talk about preparing young people for independence, what we’re really doing is supporting them to be inter-dependent. To feel good about themselves, have the confidence and strength to keep going, and to ask for help when they need to.”

In 2018 the Life Skills Team delivered:

  • 200 cooking sessions
  • 200 sports activities
  • 50+ employability sessions
  • 50+ creative activity workshops
  • 43 sessions on mental health and self-esteem
  • And young people completed 422 accredited AQA courses in life skills

You can support our life skills work by making a donation. Use the link below to donate online today.

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