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Book donations for foster children

Reading is such an important part of a happy childhood. It’s also vital to every child’s learning and development. Sadly, many of the children we care for didn’t read with their families when they were little. They missed out on reading for fun and can find themselves struggling at school. But now, thanks to your support, children in foster care are discovering the magic of stories.

The Letterbox Club delivers parcels of books to our foster families every month. As well as story books, they include colouring books and games to help with Maths and English.

'My children can’t wait for the package to come. It’s a lovely surprise when it arrives and they’re so excited to open it.'
Beth, foster carer

The Letterbox Club

90% of children who receive the packs get better at reading, writing and Maths. And they also play a very important role in building relationships.

Linda looks after three siblings who suffered neglect and abuse. She has one-to-one reading time with the children every day, and this is helping them to regain their trust in adults and build a relationship with Linda. With the help of The Letterbox Club, all the children have found a love of books and increased their reading age by at least two years. One of the children, Alfie, won the Young Writers Award at his school and had his book about a superhero published.

Your donation could help provide books for children in foster care. Donate today.