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Join us in the fight against CSE on Sunday 18 March

CSE Awareness Day

National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day takes place annually on 18 March.

The day aims “to highlight the issues surrounding CSE, encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children or children developing inappropriate relationships with other children.”

'Because I was hanging around with a gang more and more often it would've ended up with me dealing drugs or doing drugs or doing serious harm to myself, so I'm actually glad the police stepped in when they did.'
Anna, young person living at Safe Steps

Specialist CSE services

In 2015 we opened our Safe Steps children’s home for girls at risk of exploitation and other community threats. The service was established as an alternative to placing young people in secure care for their own protection. Instead, girls could stay in their local areas and maintain positive links with their families, friends and schools.

We developed best practice based on our social pedagogic model of care and our specialist tools for assessing attachment style. Combining these two areas of knowledge means the support available is tailored to a young person’s needs.

Our focus is on teaching the young women about healthy relationships and boundaries so they know how to keep themselves safe once they leave the home.

'Overall I think the pilot is empowering young women. Those that have left have a greater awareness of the risks of CSE, grooming and unhealthy exploitative relationships. They also feel listened to and believed which for some may be the first time they have experienced this.'
Safe Steps Children's Residential Worker


"I saw him as my boyfriend - but that wasn't the case"

Your support

But we need your help to make sure we can keep reaching children and young people at risk of child sexual exploitation.

One way we aim to draw young people away from perpetrators is by encouraging them to discover what they like and have an interest in. Then, they have a reason to avoid the pull of those negative relationships we want them to leave behind.

We are always looking for volunteers to run activities and sessions in our services. Find out how you can get involved on our volunteering page now.

If you don’t have the time to spare by volunteering, making a donation will also have a huge impact on the work we do. Supporting St Christopher’s means you can help young people try out the normal childhood experiences they might have missed out on and keep them safe from harm.

Choose National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day to make a difference to children and young people. Give to St Christopher’s today.


How you can help

With your support, we can continue our life-changing work with young people at risk of exploitation. Donate to St Christopher's today.

Could buy books and travel cards for a young person to work towards their future by helping with their college costs
Can provide a welcome pack for a young person staying at one of our homes to show them that someone thinks they are special
Could provide a parcel of books and games to be delivered once a month to children living in foster care
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