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Keeping children at the heart of St Christopher's

Customer Service Excellence

St Christopher’s has held the Customer Service Excellence Award since 2011, which recognises our commitment to providing high standards of care and support to children and young people.

'Interactions between looked after children and St Christopher's staff demonstrated mutual respect and a quality of relationship which was clearly the result of lengthy building of mutual trust.'
Customer Service Excellence report

What is the Customer Service Excellence Award?

Customer Service Excellence is a government-backed standard introduced to ensure services are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering, and designed with the customer in mind. This standard encourages organisations to make changes based on what customers want and need, thereby maintaining brilliant services across the country.

Assessors look into delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude, and how organisations use feedback to develop and improve.

'Several impressive examples of service improvement through analysis of young people's observations in the annual consultation. These included significant changes to the way moving on from one particular home is now marked by a goodbye party, shopping for the first few days (for those moving to a semi-independent home) and when they would be visited by preferred workers.'
Customer Service Excellence report

Excellence in 2020

In 2020 we were delighted to receive six ‘Compliance Plus’ commendations for young people’s participation, our Hub and Spoke children’s home model, our specialist outreach teams in the Isle of Man and UK and our customer-focused approach. Read more about the areas of practice we were commended for in our report highlights.

Why it matters

St Christopher’s is committed to giving children and young people genuine opportunities to have their say on the issues they care about, develop new services to change their experience of care, and influence the organisation’s future. As our service users, their feedback helps us stay truly child-centred in our approach.

'Looked after children's views are fully integrated into the consultative process both for practical actions at individual sites and for strategic decisions at corporate level.'
Customer Service Excellence report

By working closely with our local authority partners and showing them how much we genuinely care, we can continue to create brighter futures for even more children and young people.


'This report is a glowing evaluation of all the services that make up St Christopher’s. Considering the global events of 2020, it would be easy for us to drop the ball – however, this report just proves how much our staff have stepped up and continued to excel in their care and support for young people.'

Chief Executive Jonathan Whalley