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Children's homes

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Make a placement at a St Christopher's children's home

We are able to accept planned and emergency referrals for our children’s homes, contact us today to make a referral to one of our services in London, Bedfordshire or Sandwell.

St Christopher’s provides services as part of block contacts or through spot purchase placements in our London homes.

Our approach

St Christopher’s has a long history of successful residential homes for children and young people in England and the Isle of Man. We view residential care not as a last resort, but as a valuable option in its own right for vulnerable young people.

We are able to provide stable, effective placements for young people, including those with challenging behaviour – providing them with a safe, caring community in which they can learn how to build positive relationships. Learn more about our child care approach.

What we offer local authorities?

  • Planned and emergency referrals
  • High value flexible services for local authorities
  • Consistent staffing and experienced management
  • Effective partnership working with other agencies

"Children are all engaged in education and achieving high attendance levels. An established staff team works positively to help children address and reduce concerning behaviours." Ofsted report

To find out more about the work we do in our children’s homes please contact us.