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Children's secure care home

Young person in secure care home

St Christopher’s worked closely with the Isle of Man government to redevelop our services to meet the changing needs of children on the island. This resulted in us redeveloping our secure home and launching an integrated service, Cronk Sollysh, meaning Hill of Light, in 2012.

Secure care home

Our secure care home delivers specialised support for young people whose vulnerability and behaviour places themselves or others at significant risk. Young people are accommodated on welfare grounds or through the criminal justice system.

Our service:

  • provides a safe, caring and stimulating environment that facilitates positive change by helping young people deal with their past and prepare for their future;
  • tackles emotional and behavioural problems;
  • deals with offending and the consequences of criminal behaviour;
  • develops positive attachments;
  • reintegrates young people back into the community.

Preventative services

This service balances the need for secure accommodation with community-based preventative and educational resources that offer the best possible all-round support for vulnerable young people. 

Commission our services

Please contact us if you’re interested in commissioning a children’s secure home, we are happy to discuss our experiences.