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Where we work

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St Christopher’s has a range of services across the UK and Isle of Man and is one of the leading providers of services for children and young people in the voluntary sector.

We therefore require a diverse and wide range of staff to enable us to meet the needs of the children and young people we work with.


We offer a wide range of services in London including children’s homes, 16+ accommodation and support, fostering and our runaways service. London is also where our central support teams are based, for example finance and IT.

Isle of Man

We have been working with the Isle of Man Government and Department of Social Care since 2004. Our services on the island include children’s homes, secure care home, aftercare and supported housing, community outreach and education support.


In Bedfordshire we run established children’s homes.

Essex and Peterborough

We run a fostering service that covers Essex and Peterborough.

West Midlands

In the West Midlands we have a growing fostering service and children’s homes.

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