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Fundraising ideas


Fundraising ideas

Keen to get involved but don’t know where to start? Have a look at our top 10 fundraising ideas for some inspiration. All the money you raise will help us create brighter futures for vulnerable children and young people like Jordan.


1. Promise auction

Hold an auction of talents and promises in your school or workplace. Will your students offer to tidy up the classroom at the end of the day? Can a talented chef provide a set of cooking lessons?


2. Tea and coffee runs

Offer to spend a week making tea and coffee for everyone in your team or your family in return for sponsorship.


3. Have your own Great British Bake Off

Bring in some delicious homemade goodies and hold a contest with your very own judges. Sell the cakes afterwards to your colleagues, friends or classmates, and donate the money to a worthy cause.


4. Match the photo

Match your friends to their baby photos – or try something different and match people to their pets or childhood heroes.


5. Come dine with me

Invite your friends over for a home-cooked meal and ask them to donate whatever they think it would have cost in a restaurant. You could even turn it into a monthly competition.


6. Virtual challenges

Row the Channel on a rowing machine or cycle to Paris on an exercise bike. With a team of friends you'll be able to cover impressive distances without even setting foot outside.


7. Money box

Put your loose change in a money box at the end of every day or start saving a specific coin. You'll be surprised at how quickly the pennies add up.


8. Dress down day

Pay a pound to abandon your uniform or work dress code for the day. You could even encourage people to stick to a theme - like wearing green for St Christopher's.


9. Board game tournament

Challenge teams or individuals to compete in family favourites like Scrabble, Twister and Uno. Entrants pay £10 and the winners receive a small prize.


10. Sponsored job swap

Switch roles with someone in your workplace for the day and get sponsored to do it.


We can give you collecting tins, flyers, t-shirts and any other support you need to make your fundraiser a success. Contact the fundraising team to let us know your ideas!